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The AltLit site is open to everyone. Kids and teens need a separate account for the CELA or CNIB Library sites (either will work) to access most books, magazines and other resources we link to from AltLit.


We collect information anonymously when you visit the site. For example, time and day, pages visited, and so on. This information helps us to understand how people use the site so we can improve it and schedule maintenance.

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Acceptable use

You may only use the content on the AltLit site and the resources (books, magazines, etc) we link to on the CELA or CNIB Library sites for your own personal use. For permission to use the content or resources on your own site or to give it to others, you need to ask for our written permission. If we think you have used the site inappropriately, we may cancel your account immediately. Sometimes we link to other sites that have helpful resources but we are not responsible for the content on those sites or their accessibility. You alone are responsible for using the Altlit site.

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