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boy and mom at playground

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We have so much to learn from each other. Ready to be inspired by other kids, teens and families?

Have an idea for a literacy-related topic that we could organize a webinar around? We'd love to hear about it.

Also, send us your stories and pictures so we can share them here on AltLit.

For example:

  • photos of a texture book you created for your child
  • details about how your public library adapted an activity or event to make it accessible
  • a great online resource you found
  • the importance of braille and the Braille Creative Writing Contest
  • your experience with the Readasaurus Kit

Readasaurus Kit Feedback

boy with magnifier and tactile and braille activity bookSkyler was so excited to get his Readsaurus kit in the mail today that he didn't even want to take off his jacket before checking it out. Skyler wants me to say "Thank you for all the cool braille stuff!"