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Sound Sudoku

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Puzzle Grid Layout

The Sound Sudoku puzzle grid is made up of 16 cells, matching a slanted 4-by-4 square on the left side of your keyboard.

Find the 4 corners of the puzzle grid:

  • The number 1 on your keyboard marks the top left corner.
  • The number 4 on your keyboard marks the top right corner.
  • The letter Z on your keyboard marks the bottom left corner.
  • The letter V on your keyboard marks the bottom right corner of the grid.

All of the keys between these 4 corners, are part of the puzzle grid.

There are 4 rows going across, starting with the keys 1, Q, A and Z.

There are 4 columns going down, starting with the keys 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Within the 16 cells of the puzzle grid, are smaller 4-cell boxes. For example, the 4-cell box in the top left of the puzzle grid is made up of the keys: 1, 2, Q, W. There are two 4-cell boxes on the top half of the grid, and two on the bottom.

How to Play

To solve the puzzle, each row, column and 4-cell box, must include each of the 4 different sounds that are available. The same sound cannot appear more than once in each row, column or 4-cell box. This is challenging because the rows, columns and 4-cell boxes all overlap with each other!

To change the sounds in a cell, hold down the space bar while you press the key (or hold down the space bar while you mouse-click on the cell) until you hear the sound that you want to assign to this cell.

As you explore the puzzle grid, you’ll hear a few other sounds.

  • In each new game a few random cells have already been filled in with a sound and cannot be changed.  You will hear a buzz-horn when you press the key of a cell which already has an assigned sound.
  • If you hear the sound of a camera-shutter in a cell, that means the cell is empty and still needs a sound assigned.
  • You will hear applause after you have successfully completed the puzzle.

Press the ‘n’ key to start a new game. The location of the pre-filled, fixed sounds will be different each time you play.

Sound Sudoku game grid