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How to Play Remixer

Each sea creature is connected to a different sound clip.

Instructions for the game

While the game is loading, you hear a ticking sound.

When the game has finished loading, you hear a beeping sound.

Then press the TAB key 2 or 3 times untill you hear a bell.

Mix the sounds to create your own music!

Use the number keys:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0

or use the mouse and click on the images.

Tip: Find out what happens if you keep pressing a key, or if you press more keys at the same time.

Press the "r" key to record, the "s" key to stop and the "p" key to play your remix.

When you start recording, you will hear a beat to which you can mix your music.

After listening to your remix you can press the “r” key again to start the same remix again and add new sounds to it. To listen to the final result press the “p” key again.

To create a new remix, press the “n” key. Note that your old remix will now be deleted.

If you feel that you have created a really nice remix, you can add it to the Play List. Press the ‘a’ key(or use the mouse to click on the button “add to Play List”), then enter your name and press the Enter key or press the Escape key to cancel. Note that only remixes that have added music to the original beat can be uploaded to the Play List.

To listen to the remixes on the Play List, go to the Play List webpage.

The Remixer control panel shows different animals that live in water. The sounds reflect their character.

1 = crab

2 = salmon

3 = jellyfish

4 =sea turtle

5 = shell

6 = sea anemone

7 = starfish

8 = crocodile

9 = prawn

0 = beaver

Play Remixer

Sea creatures