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Books for Everyone!

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Don't read print? No problem.

There are lots of ways to read: braille, audio, e-books and more!

  • Recorded audio – human voice and synthesized speech
  • Scanning and text to speech
  • Screen, handheld and table-top magnification
  • VoiceOver and other iOS apps for accessibility
  • Refreshable braille display

Public libraries are for everyone

CNIB believes that kids and teens with vision loss belong in public libraries, with their families and friends. A public library card is your ticket to fun and learning, no matter how you read!

  1. Discover great books and stories – in the formats you need (most public libraries offer all different kinds of books, not just regular print)
  2. Many public libraries can provide you with access to an amazing collection of accessible books, such as through their CELA service
  3. Borrow music or movies too – libraries have more than books!
  4. Join fun programs for kids: crafts, special events, movie screenings, story times and so much more
  5. Learn a new hobby, make new friends (many libraries offer classes, clubs, cultural and social groups for teens)

When you visit your public library

  • Ask if you need to fill out a form about your ‘print disability’ so you can use accessible materials
  • Talk to library staff about signing up for CELA and Bookshareteen listening to audio book
  • If you have special needs, or can’t find books in formats that you're able to read, let library staff know
  • Some public libraries offer accessible workstations and software such as JAWS to use at the library, or they may be able to loan you reading devices such as e-readers and DAISY players

Books for School

Need help getting books you need for school? Your teachers or school librarian may be able to help you get books in formats you can read by signing up for CELA Educator Access. CELA Educator access gives eligible teachers access to CELA and Bookshare on behalf of their students with a print disability.

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