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Yellow triceratops dinosaur wearing headphones and looking at magnified icons on tablet while sitting on stack of books


AltLit is all about new and different ways for kids and teens with vision loss to read. Take the ALT from Alternative and the LIT from Literature, put them together and you have AltLit.

Here are just some of the ways that technology is changing reading for everyone!

  • Recorded audio – human voice and synthesized speech
  • Scanning and text to speech
  • Screen, handheld and table-top magnification
  • VoiceOver and other iOS apps for accessibility
  • Refreshable braille display

Reading is evolving and, through reading, YOU grow or evolve too!

Who is the site for?

AltLit is for kids and teens with vision loss. It's also for adults interested in learning more about special programs and resources available for kids and teens with vision loss, from CNIB and through the public library.

Questions? Email us at